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we understand that to be successful is to arrive, to get somewhere; and so we worship success. We`re always thinking in terms of success, in terms of `more`, and the `more` is a relative idea dependent on what prevailing social norms consider to be respectable. If you do not live up to that societal, you are likely to be called a failure. But if you love to do something with all you being, you are then not concerned with success and failure. However, very few have the evolved perspective that allows them space to think this way. The whole concern of an intelligent person is to see things as they are and understand the problem- which is not necessarily about bracketing action in terms of being oriented towards success or failure. It`s only when we don`t really love what we`re doing, that we think in those terms. Didn`t a wise person say; “Success is a relative term; there`s nothing absolute about it?”
What we think of as success today might be thought of as failure in another time and situation and vice versa. It would be in our best interest to view both what we call success and failure as relative states and so treat both success and failure with equanimity.
Best Wishes
Sunder Thadani


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