Mantra Chanting: When one is young one has immense dynamism and amition to make the most of life. And at the same time this is the period when one nees guidance to make the right choces. This is where the determined and dedicated practice of mantra-chanting can be of great help as it channelises one`s abundant energy in a positive direction. It is so because when you recite a mantra, sound vibrations are generated that can bring about immense transformation. It is recommended to choose the mantra in which you have faith and devotion. Over days, months and years it will prercolate deeper and deeper until mind, breath and mantra become one. and, at the appropriate time, mind will be in absolute oneness with inner joy. The beauty of persistent practice is that you may do it your whole life, yet every time it is a fresh, new experience. -Anandmurti Gurumaa (This apperared in DNA, a local paper,onMay 28, 2015 and is now reproduced for the information and benefit of the memebrs of “sundercircle” – Kind Regards!Sunder Thadani


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