One Humanity: “A big crisis on the planet is the identity crisis. We identify ourselves as somebody, and we think that those who do not belong to the same identity are against us. Then we become afraid of them, or want to dominate them and so we show aggression towards them. What we need to change is our sense of identity. Our foremost identity is that we are part of one devinity. Then, we must realise that we are one humanity, one human family. Then comes our identity base on gender, religion and country. When our sense of identifying ourselves reverses, we forget the basic identity, ie, we are all human beings” -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar [This appreared in a local paper DNA, and now reproduced for the information and benefit of the members of “sundercircle”. Your view, suggestin or comment is most welcome. Thanks for your visit. Kind Regards! Sunder Thadani – in Mumbai, India.


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