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20150711: Use Words Carefully> A merchant once went to Gautama Buddha and asked him how he could get over the bad habit of slandering others. The Buddha told him to take his best feather pillow and make a hole in it. The Buddha asked the merchant to pull out the feathers from his pillow before sunrise and go toevery house in the town and place a single feather on the door step of each house in the town. The merchant did as he was told and placed a feather on each doorstep. When he went back to Buddha, Buddha asked him to return and collect all the feathers which he had placed on the doorstep of each house. “But that`s impossible”, said the merchant “the wind blew all the feathers away”. Buddha — the Englightened one– then explained to the merchant that each of his words were like feathers in the wind, once spoken they could never be retrieved. This is what Indira Satyanaryan said in a local paper. This is reproduction for the information of the members of “sundercircle”. Your views/suggestions/comment are most welcome. Your feedback will be useful. Kind Regards! Sunder T –sunderblogger


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