Shift YOur Focus Your life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head. If you want to change things, change the frequency of your thoughts.
“You may have seen if you throw a ball at at a dog, the dog will run after the ball, but if you throw anything at the lion, fire a bullet at him, he will not care for the bullet, he will not care for the abll, he will come and take hold of you. He goes to the thrower, not to the thrown”
Remind youself, again and again, of the beautiful lines ‘O heart, why do you worry? so what if difficulties have come your way, the remover of difficulties is not far away.” This is what Dad JP Vaswani said in a local newspaper, which is now reproduced for the information and benefit of the members of “sundercirlce”. Kind Regards! Sunder T –


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