self learning is self satisfaction.

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WWW.NAMETHATWHATEVER.COM – Heres a cool Web site t kill some time. Today'ss resource, http://www.namethewhatever.com, hosts eiht cool mini-quizzes, where you are shown an image and you have to choose the appropriate answer from a list of choices. So try to test your knowledge on movie villains, dog breeds, beer labels, and more. Regards. Sunder Thadani. 20170208.


Copy-pasting a huge chunk of text to a friend is not the wisest option when you’reusing an instant messaging program; and practically impossible over Twitter! And of course, you cant always use URL shorteners, especially if its text on your local drive. That's where friendpaste comes in. Simply copy-paste the text in the provided box, and the resources will generate a unique URL for you to share. Easy! Regards.
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