Indian women empowered: Recent move from the government of India will surely empower Indian women more choices to protect their reproductive right. Government will soon make injectable contraceptives available in a phased manner.
The injectable drug, Deoxy medroxyprogesterone acetate prevents pregnancy for three months. It`s injected into the arm or buttuck muscle. The drug has a female hormone that prevents release of the egg from the ovary.
This is the sixth form of contraceptive to be give free under the government program. Previous offers five birth control options are- female sterilization, male sterilization, IUD, condoms and pills-free of cost under the national family planning programme.
Best Wishes to the Indian government on such initiatives. Regards. Sunder Thadani.20161126.



Google Integration- Many of us use Google services for daily tasks such as Gmail, calendar, docs, chat, Chrome and so on. Chromebook comes with all these services built in and they work flawlessly. The taskbar in a Chromebook lets you access all the essential Google apps with just one tap. It even has the Good Assistant that you can call up by saying “OK Google”`. Your search for any query will show up in a browser. The Chromebook will also stay in sync with your Android phone or tablet that is configured with the same Google account- It`s a great way to keep data synced between devices. Chromebook natively support offline use of Gmail and Google docs. Sunder Thadani (for the info of members of sundercircle).




The 7 systems of balance:

The secret to a balanced life is in the balance of passion and structure.
The wonders of our age, all of the new ways to do things, all of the new ways to be in contact with others, the access to any and all sources of information, all of the new ways to travel, all these limitless opportunities make it possible for you to pursue your passion, your ideas, you interest, your love.

In pursuing our passion to be happy, we ultimately become unhappy. Why? The missing ingredient is balance. It is just how human beings are made. In order to be happy, your life must be balance. Otherwise your body and brain send you powerful signals, telling you that something is wrong. You see, your body and your brain are only trying to help you. The signals tell you that it is time to do something about the imbalance in your life or problems are sure to arise. Done in the right way, pursuing your passion can turn you on, it can lead you to new ground, and it can help you to realize your dreams.
Best wishes!