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Let Us Be Honest. What is The Highest Page Views You Got in a Day?

Let Us Be Honest. What is The Highest Page Views You Got in a Day?.
Boredom is a state of mind in that state, nothing appeals to us, nothing excites us, and ad
nothing interests us. Boredom is not something that hits us from outside;
It`s nothing external. It is not like day and night or like the seasons that are inevitable.
Boredom is the mind, though it might be related to the presence or absence of people,
events or material elements that are outside the person
The most common reason for boredom is when one does not have anything worthwhile
to do. Take up a hobby, call up old friends or relatives, start writing a journal,
learn a new art like drawing, painting, or music, remember all the things you wanted
to do, but could not do due to a genuine lack of time.
Like everything, boredom too has its benefits. If you use the time effectively and creatively. Otherwise, you can keep complaining that you are bored, and waste the one and only life that God has given you, in a bored, mundane fashion. Feeling bored is also a choice- no one is stopping you from going ahead and doing
all those things that could make your life interesting or exciting, except yourself.
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