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Be Grateful, Trust….In our lives, we experience a mixture of good and bad situations. Whenever we face any bad situation we curse, we accuse Gd with `why me`, `what was my mistake?`. But on the other hand if we are pleased at some moment, do we give thanks to God? Very rarely. Whereas we should. If you are feeling happy and satisfied then be as grateful you can. And if you in a bad situation don`t lose hope. Decide to trust God because everything happens for a reason. And He knows what your destiny is. At that point you will never understand God`s wisdom for allowing such things to happen. But you just have to trust his will. Instead of replace all complaints blame with appreciation and gratitude.
So, give abundance, give happiness, give respect, give love, give care, and you will be rewarded by much more of all these things. Whatever you give out, will inevitably returns to you- Asmita Pednekar. This article apperared in a local paper and now is reproduced for the information and benefit of the members of “sundercircle”. Kind Regards. Sunder Thadani –



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India: Delhi, a full state? Unless Delhi becomes a full state, AAP will not be in a position to do justice to its Agenda or election manifesto. It has to depend upon the center all the time.Much publicized items like; netter policing, safer streets, cheap housing, resettlement colonies, affordable hospitals, better run government schools, dismantling the water mafia, reduction of graft and a Jan Lokpal. Strange fact is that Delhi police reports to Union Home Minister via a lieutenant governor (LG), a central appointee, and not to the Chief Minister. It is high time article 239 to be introduced in Delhi (which applies to other states in India, seperating lawmaking into central, state and concurrent subjects. With Delhi a full state and a not an appendage of the Centre, the AAP can strive to deliver on its promises. Kind Regards. sunder.thadani