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Selfie Facts:
On a global level, a total of 12  people are known to have suffered selfie-related deaths in 2015 after either falling or being struck by a moving vehicle when taking a picture of themselves.
According to data compiled by Mashable, only eight people are known to have been killed by a shark.Experts believe that rise in selfie-related deaths could be down the fact people are more willing to put themselves in dangerous situations, such as with animals or posing from great height, to impress friends on social media.
Many popular destination have banned people from carrying selfie-sticks. Recently, some cyclists have spoken of how spectators should be banned from taking pictures of themselves while watching the Tour de France. Mexico is set to charge tourists for taking selfies.
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Adam was but human- this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple`s sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden. The mistake was not forbidding the serpent; then he would have eaten the serpent- Mark Twain. [This appeared in a local paper and is now reproduced for the information and benefit of our members, in “Sunder Circle”. Regards. Sunder T – in Mumbai.


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What is Happiness? Happiness is the goal of life. It is extremely important, then, to understand just what happiness is. I think it is a fari to say that people in all times have deesperately sought the answerto the question “What is happiness?”. This is reproduced for the info. and benefit os our members in “sundercircle”. Your comment is welcome. Regards! Sunder T -250903.